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My name is Jifunza and I am a fully insured and registered Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath, based in North London.

I was born in Greenwich, south east London, to parents born in the Caribbean, and I have experienced the gradual but enormous shift in dietary and lifestyle practices over the last 30+ years, within which there has been a decline in eating fresh, whole foods and an increase in sedentary behaviour, which has negatively impacted holistic health.

My professional background is in adult health and social care, which followed after I completed my BSc (Hons) Health Studies and Social Science degree. Working with people inspired me to study nutrition, as the negative effects of inadequate nutrition became increasingly more apparent.

After qualifying as a Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor, I decided to deepen my knowledge and incorporate Clinical Practice training into 3 years of study with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM).

I studied Naturopathy alongside Nutritional Therapy at CNM, over the course of 3 years, to encompass a range of holistic approaches; which includes a foundational study of Herbal Medicine, Iridology and Bach Flower remedies, embedding the knowledge that each person is unique and each person responds in a different way.

My studies have increased my desire for a deeper exploration of the healing arts and I am currently a student of the School of Natural Medicine. I am studying Herbal Medicine, which is fully integrated with an extensive study of Iridology and Healing Diets.

Continuing professional development enables me to continue to learn, to keep up to date with new discoveries in optimising health and disease prevention, and to continue to share knowledge.

I love sharing information and motivating people to take charge of their health and wellbeing.

My approach is to empower you to raise your consciousness about how dietary and lifestyle choices have an impact; either beneficial or harmful, on your holistic health and wellbeing; supporting you on your healing journey, with an emphasis on prevention and education.

A principle objective of Naturopathic Medicine is to advocate self-responsibility for health.

This can be achieved through self-awareness & self-care, and a renewed desire to learn how to take care of your body to restore balance and to prevent dis-ease; adopting a lifelong ‘Prevention is better than cure’ approach.

HOV Home of Holistic Health

House of Vitality; Home of Holistic Health was founded by my husband Iyasu and I.

Iyasu is a Natural Chef, he also studied with CNM, although he was a natural chef long before his formal training. As a young boy, he would create beautiful and delicious dishes for his family.

He continues to create vibrant and delicious meals and beverages that stimulate the taste buds naturally, and is passionate about the therapeutic use of food for healing. Our daughter and I, enjoy and reap the rewards of his passion!!

We enjoy sharing our experiences and our combined knowledge of the healing power of food, to restore and maintain balance through reawakening consciousness.

Learning together has enhanced and embedded our learning experience  and we embrace lifelong learning and teaching.

More details to come about our therapeutic, nutrient dense food &  beverages preparations workshops

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