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Iridology is the study and analysis of the iris of the eye (the coloured part) which can provide information about the body’s inherent strengths and weaknesses. Although in the UK Iridology is not recognised in orthodox medicine, in some countries, such as Russia, Germany, Australia and India, it is highly regarded as an accurate diagnostic aid, helping to direct the assessment to the root cause of health concerns.

Iridology does not provide a diagnosis, instead it reveals a holistic symbolic language; through signs and markings in specific areas of the iris that relate to body organs, systems and glands, illuminating our interior world and a pathway to holistic self-healing.

There is a saying, ‘Eyes are the windows to the soul,’ which now has much more meaning with the science and art of Iridology. I now see (no pun intended), that the iris is a two-way mirror of the internal and external worlds, providing a whole perspective. The iris mirrors multidimensional layers of our physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual perspectives, and with this insight : ) can support a greater understanding and exploration of Self, provide an opportunity to create a personalised cleansing and health building programme, and lead to conscious dietary and lifestyle choices to enhance health and wellbeing.

My first encounter with Iridology was in 2014 when I had embarked on Naturopathy Studies which included Iridology foundational studies. I had remembered reading a brief introduction about Iridology in a book, a few years prior, which had intrigued me, so I was excited to learn more.

The Iridology studies were fascinating and sparked a desire in me to explore deeper, and my current Herbal Medicine studies have enabled me to do just that, as it is fully integrated with the study of Iridology.

My studies have allowed me to directly experience Iridology and when first learning about my inherited constitution, my strengths and weaknesses, it filled me with a range of emotions, from sadness that this information is not ‘common’ knowledge, so we could all learn about ourselves and take conscious actions to live to our greatest potentials, to a feeling of gratitude, that I have accessed this knowledge, which has positively influenced my health and wellbeing along my journey to knowing myself and healing myself, and that I am now applying this knowledge to support and educate others.

With each unique pair of eyes, the depths of exploration is truly illuminating, as everyone is our mirror.