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Natural Chef

Natural chefs advocate the use of whole, organic , fresh and minimally processed foods, procured in season.

A natural chef prepares food consciously with knowledge of how to minimise nutrient losses and promote nutrient absorption. Selecting, storing, knife handling skills, sprouting, juicing, fermenting and cooking methods are included in their repertoire of skills to ensure food is of a high quality and nutrient dense.

The skills of a natural chef include teaching individuals how to prepare foods in accordance with their unique needs and within the context of their personal circumstances and goals. 

Whether to support individuals who have specific health concerns, or support individuals to maintain health and wellness, a natural chef can teach therapeutic menu planning, natural food preparation and correct food combining.

With a heightened sense of taste, a natural chef creates vibrant and delicious meals and beverages to stimulate the taste buds naturally, incorporating natural herbs and spices.

All this and more, to empower you to reconnect with food and use food as medicine for you and your family.